Practice Holes

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Practice Holes - Test Your New Skills

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You’re warmed up from the driving range and you’re ready to do some real golfing. Try out our practice holes so that you can put your newfound skills to the test. We offer golf instruction so that you’re never lost when you are traveling through our practice holes.

Practice Your Drive – When it comes down to it, basics such as maintaining arm speed, keeping a nice rhythm, and maintaining torque are critical to creating a great golf experience. However, it does take a lot of practice. We understand that, so we provide you with ample opportunity to practice your drive in our practice holes.

Practice Your Short Game – The short game is where scores are most affected. When it comes to controlling wedge distances, hitting a spinning pitch, performing the “one hop and stop” pitch, and much more, we provide you with practice chipping green so that you can learn how to master your short game and lower your score tremendously.

Practice Your Putting – The classic putting game - if it were only as easy as it looks. We realize how tedious putting can get and we’re dedicated to improving your putting game through our expert golf instruction. We will also provide you with the environment that you need to get this done.

Whatever part of your game needs work, we will provide a solution to make sure it is improved. Next time you join your buddies at the course, they’ll be wondering how you became so good!