Golf Practice Range

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Golf Practice Range - Peaceful Environment

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The driving range is by far one of the best ways to practice your golf game. Here at Grand Oaks Golf Enterprises, we welcome all golfers with open arms, as we see each and every client as an opportunity to establish a great long-term friendship at our golf practice range.

We provide a peaceful environment at our golf practice range giving you time to:

Warm up – This is critical in terms of golfing, as failing to warm up is one of the more common mistakes that we see when people come into our golf facility. We want to make sure you have adequate warm-up time.

Wedges & Irons – When it comes to using your driver, it’s a very important aspect of golf. The driver is what starts everything off and sets the tone. However, we do recognize that you will only use your driver for an average of 14-16 shots (depending on the course). We want to make sure that you also have an adequate amount of time dedicated to using wedges and irons. Improving your short game can dramatically affect your score.

We offer the utmost customer service at our golf practice range. Your desires become our instructions so that we can make the experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. Keep in mind that we offer an outdoor golf range, so that you can work out the mechanics of your golf game, no matter the weather or wind-factor outside.