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Those who walk onto our golf practice range are instantly impressed and most return time and time again. That is our goal here at Grand Oaks Golf Enterprises, for you to love the experience from the very start to finish.

Golfer satisfaction always comes first. You never have to worry about overpaying for golf balls, a low quality golf-shop, rude service, or a terribly landscaped course. You will find that the experience here is beyond that of any other golf practice range in a number of ways—we love what we do, and you can sense the passion as soon as you enter our golf practice range.

The most important thing for us is establishing relationships with our fellow citizens of Rocky Point. We are always asking for customer feedback so that we can stay true to our goal of never-ending improvements in the service we provide. Therefore, in order to make this experience the best, we go out of our way to get to know you on a personal level.